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The Urban Launchpad Team

Our projects are realized through the (often global) collaboration of technologists, urban planners, designers, local advocates, and researchers.

Albert Ching

San Francisco

Albert is a former researcher in sustainable transport at MIT and a former Googler who helped Google Maps become number one in the world.

Stephen Kennedy

San Francisco

Stephen is an award-winning designer and urban planner who has worked on projects helping communities from Israel to Indonesia.

Muntasir Mamun


Muntasir is a Dhaka-based change-maker and founder of Kewkradong, a social advocacy group which organizes an annual thousand person Coastal Cleanup.

Masuk Ahmed


Masuk is an innovative change-maker with a passion for adventures and has worked in various projects around Bangladesh & globally with the motive of bringing social change in various communities.

Kuan Butts


Kuan is a graduate student currently studying City Planning at MIT. He has worked prior as an urban designer in St. Louis, MO and is interested in the use of technology in fostering municipal and regional contexts within local communities.

Daniel Palencia

Mexico City

Daniel is a civil engineer currently spending most of his time programming and riding his bike around Mexico City. He worked with UL in 2013 flocksourcing Mexico City busses.

Arturo Cadena

Mexico City

Arturo is an urban planning student at UNAM who has worked with local government and research projects focusing on "Urban Social Production." He worked with UL in 2013 flocksourcing Mexico City busses.