Fiberglass Swimming Pool – Better Quality Than You Think

There are many different types of swimming pools that one can choose from, and one of those is to go with the fiberglass swimming pool. Fiberglass pools are manufactured (and installed) as large molded structures that are then placed in the ground.

One of the great benefits that are credited to fiberglass pools is that that is very easy and quick to install, even with the need for heavy equipment. Maintenance is also a relatively simple process since there will never be a liner replacement, and in general, fiberglass swimming pools will need fewer chemicals to keep clean than other models.

While fiberglass swimming pools require less maintenance, they do require certain maintenance to ensure that they are not damaged or in need of greater repairs and upkeep down the line. Unlike other swimming pools, fiberglass swimming pools MUST be filled with water at all times to avoid causing structural damage through cracking or buckling. This is due to ground pressure that occurs because of improper drainage. If for some reason the pool absolutely needs to be drained, do not do it on your own! Make absolutely sure to contact the pool manufacturer and qualified professionals. You don’t want to damage such a large investment!

Another factor to keep in mind is to avoid the “bathtub ring” effect of grime. Not only does this look bad, but this could damage the coatings. Most pool supply stores should sell pool tile cleaner that can take care of that in a jiffy. As an important side note, never use abrasive cleaners or harsh tools like steel wool or metal scrapers to clean fiberglass. This type of treatment will permanently damage the gel coating in the pool.

While the fiberglass pool may seem to develop hairline cracks over time, this is not a major concern since this is only indicative of the surface gel and not actual structural damage. Dirt is always a concern and should be brushed towards the main drain and the vacuumed out with the appropriate tool.

The fiberglass swimming pool has its advantages and disadvantages like many other swimming pools. For some, this may not be a good choice, while for others the fiberglass swimming pool may be exactly what they have been looking for.